Sero App User's Manual

Complete user's manual to know the function and features of the App.

Register / Login Screen


If you have not yet created your account, then please click on "Register" button and it will take you to the Registration Page on your default browser. Please enter your email address to continue registration process or you may register using your Facebook or Google Account. Registration process will take only a couple of minutes. We encourage you to select "With Dummy Data" while registration process which will create a demo store for you will a lot of products and categories so you can test the software before you buy it. This dummy data can be easily removed at any stage by one click.

Once your account is created, please enter your email address and 1234 as default password to login. You may go back to admin panel and change this password anytime.

If you forget your password, click on Forgot Password link and it will email you the password.

Main Screen


As soon as you login to the App for the first time, please note that it will take about 30 seconds to download all your products from the cloud server into your App. Once all the products are downloaded, your POS Screen will look something like this if you added images to your product. If you did not add images then you will see just text buttons on your screen without the images.

This screen is split into 4 rows and three columns.

The Top Row basically shows the Order Mode if it is a Dine-in, Take Away or Home Delivery Order. You may select the mode and then start the order taking process.

In the second row we have two fields. First one is to select or create a customer. And the second field is to filter the product by entering first few characters of the product name, or simply scan the barcode and the product will be added to the cart directly.

Then we have left column there you see all your product categories. If you have created a sub categories under any main category, then it will display sub categories once you click on the category.

Once you click on a category, it will display all the products in that category in the middle column. As soon as you click on any product, it will be added to the cart.

You will notice Green, Red and Yellow dots on the products which represents the food type, Green is for Veg, Red for Non Veg and Yellow for Egg. You may select Food Type while creating the Product or choose "Not Applicable" for your beverages.

On the bottom row you will see some useful quick access buttons. We will discuss about all these buttons in details in the later sections.

In the end you will see how many days you have remaining for your Free Trial period. You can click on Subscribe Now button once you are full satisfied with the App and this message will disappear.

Dine-In Table Selection:


As soon as you click on the Dine-IN button, it will display the Table Sections and Table Numbers. For the first time you will see all the tables with Green Dot which means that the table is Free and not occupied by any guest. Once you assign the table to any guest, it will turn Red. Once the table has been assigned to any guest, it will also start showing the timestamp. You would know when the order was taken and if it has been delivered or not, and also the time for how long it has been occupied by this guest.

Can I assign a Waiter:


Once the table has been assigned, you can select the waiter who is serving the table. In the Daily Sales Report, and also in the reporting panel you will be able to see which waiter did how much sales. You may pay them incentives based on their performance.

How to create a Customer:


Next step is to add a customer. It is always advisable to maintain a customer database so that you can send them coupons, offers and promo emails or SMS from the admin panel.

Only customer first name and phone number is mandatory. Next time when the customer comes, you can just type in his phone number and it will show up the customer name in the drop-down. You may simply select the customer and proceed with the order.

Rest all the fields are non mandatory but if the customer is willing to share more information, you may fill it up and send them greetings and offers on their birth date and anniversary.

You may also create customer groups in the admin panel like Students, Corporate, or Residential customer and assign a group to the customer. Later you may launch some promo or offers for just one group of customer and they will automatically get the discount on their bill.

What is Cart:


There are three ways to add a product to the cart.

1. Click on the category. It will display the products in that category and you can simply click on the product and it will add to the cart. If you long click on the same product for 2 seconds, the item will be deleted from the cart.

2. You can simple type the first few characters of the product name in the search field and it will filter the products and show that product in the middle.

3. Scan the barcode on the product using a barcode scanner and it will automatically add the product into the cart.

Once the item is added to the cart, you may click on the item name and it will expand that form. You can edit the quantity, change the price or add product discount here. You can also mention special cooking instructions for this item like No Onion, No Garlic or Less Spicy and it will be printed in the KOT inside the kitchen.

If there is a special cooking instruction for the entire order then you may mention it in the bottom section above the total. This will be printed on the bottom of the KOT and the chef would know that this is for all the items on that table.

Once all the items have been added to the cart, simple click on "Send" Button and the order will be sent to the kitchen KOT printer.

If you have multiple kitchen, or separate bar or beverage section, then the KOT and BOT will go to multiple printers accordingly.

How to Edit Order:


If any customer wants to add more items to the order, click on Dine-In button and click on that particular table and it will show all the items for that table in the cart. You can click on additional items that customer wants to add and click on Send Button once again. this will print another KOT in the kitchen with only the added items and with a remark on the top stating ***Running Order*** so that the chef knows that this order has to be server on priority as this is a running order.

Payment Screen:


When you click on Pay button, it will display the payment screen. This Screen has two sections. On the Lest side there are mode of payments and below that currency shortcut buttons.

On the lest side there are six buttons. We will discuss about all these buttons in detail and what they do in later sections.

Checkout Process:


Once the customer is done and asks for the check, you can click on "Print Order" button as shown in the previous screen, and it will print the bill for customer without mode of payment, amount paid and change tendered. It is just a list of the items they ordered.

When customer makes the payment, you can click on Dine-In button again. This time you will see that the color on that table has turned Yellow. This shows you how many table will be available within the next 5 minutes as their bill has already been printed.

Accepting Payment:


Once you give the bill to customer they will make the payment by cash, card or another mode that you might accept.

This time when you click on Pay button, you need to choose the mode of payment and enter payment received. This will register the payment in the system and finish the order. This time it will print another receipt for the customer with mode of payment and other details in the bottom.

Now this table will turn green once again so you can assign this table to another guest.

How to Filter Products:


Click on the search field as shown in the image and enter first few characters of the Product name or barcode number. this will filter the products and show all the products with those characters. Now you can easily select the product that you want to add to the cart.

If you have products with barcodes, then simple click on this field and keep scanning barcodes with a barcode scanner and it will keep adding the products into the cart directly.

How to check Order History:


If you want to see the order history just click on "History" button on the bottom and it will open a window with date range filter on the top. You can check order history for any date range by selecting the "From" & "To" date range. If there are many orders in that date range, then you can simply enter the order Number as 33, 34 or 35 and click on lens button. It will pull that order in the front.

There are three Order Tabs. Open, Completed and Cancelled. You can see any moment which orders are still open and unpaid. In the Completed section it will show all the orders that have been paid already.

In the Cancelled section it will show any order that has been cancelled or returned. You can click on any row and it will expand the form and show entire details of that order on the screen also. You can even reprint the order receipt from here if you like.

In the next three images you will see more images related to Order History.


How to see Orders History:


Take Away Order Mode:


When you want to accept any order in the take away mode, simply click on "Take Away" button. The difference is that you do not assign a table to guest in the take away mode. Simply select a customer or you may create a "Walk-In Customer" for all Take Away orders.

Now add all the items into the cart and directly click on Pay button.

Takeaway Order Payment:


When you are making the payment for a Take Away order and click on Pay button after entering the amount, it will ask for the order pickup time. You may click walk-In and proceed if the customer is there already. Click on Assign and then click on Pay button to finish the order.

How to return the item:


When you click on "Return" button. It will show a popup window to enter the Bill Number. Once you enter the bill Number, you can click on one of the two options, whether the item is going to be refunded or Exchanged. Choose one of the two options.

Refund the item:


If you click on Refund button, it will show you all the items from that Bill Number in the cart. You need to remove all the items and keep only the item which is going to be refunded in the cart.

Refund the money:


Now you have only one item in the cart that the customer has cancelled and you are going to refund the money for. Click on Pay button and it will show the money to be returned to the customer. It will automatically choose the original mode of payment which was used to pay for the bill. Now you can enter the amount you are refunding and click on PAY button again. Now the item will be refunded.

Refund Item History:


When you click on History Button, now the same bill number will appear in COmpleted as well as Cancelled tabs. In the cancelled it will show only the item which was returned and the money that was refunded. But in the Completed Tab it will show remaining items which were not returned. There is a separate report also maintained for the cancelled orders.

How to exchange an item:


When you click on Return button and after entering the bill number click on Exchange button, this time it will ask you to delete only the item from the cart which is going to be exchanged. In this mode you have to remove one item from the cart and add another item into the cart for the exact same value or more.

Pay for exchange:


When you remove one item and add another item into the cart for higher value, it will show the full amount of the bill in the cart initially. WHen you click on Pay button, it will open the payment screen and display only the difference amount to be paid for the bill. Simply choose the mode of payment and chick on Pay. It will print a new bill with the exchanged item in the bill.

Exchange item History:


Click on History button and in the Completed tab it will show you the same bill number but with one new item that was exchanged. In the Cancelled Tab also it will show the same bill number with one item that was returned.

What is Home Button:


When you click on Home Button it will show you a list of Menu items that we will discuss in the next steps one by one. First button is POS button to go back to the POS Screen from the Home Screen.

Product Process:


When you create your store in the admin panel, you may choose your Food Processing Workflow. There would be six options to choose from. You may choose any options that fits your business model, or you may skip this step. But it is highly recommended to follow these steps for the Home Delivery Orders. We will discuss about this in detail later.You may install a separate KDS (Kitchen Display Unit) in the Kitchen and keep this window open there at all times, and the chef or Kitchen Manager can manage this screen. They would know which items have been processed or delivered to the guests and what are pending items.



This screen has two options. By default the system is set to auto sync with the cloud server where you see all the reports. In case you have many cancellations or returns, and you do not have time to cancel orders during the business hours, you may click on Synchronize Setting and switch to manual Syncing. Now the system will not send any data to the server automatically. At the end of the day you may click on Adjustment button and remove the cancelled bills and then click on Sync button. It will then send all the data to the server after final adjustments. BUt MAKE SURE to Manually Sync the data to server everyday else you may loose your sales data permanently if something goes wrong with your system.

Printer Configuration:


If you are using a windows App and have USB Printer installed on your system, simply click on "Get USB Printers". This process will fetch all the printers installed on your system locally. We will discuss about mapping printers in the next page.

Printer Report Mapping:


Once you see all the local printers list on this screen, simply click on the Report name, Choose the Printer and click on Save. It will map that particular report with the printer. If you have multiple Kitchen and multiple KOT Printers, then you may choose which KOT will print on which Printer. If you scroll down the page, you will see all the reports and printers they are mapped to.

You will also see an option for the Master KOT Receipt. This Master KOT prints all the items on one KOT for the waiter so he can click on items that he has delivered to the guest and accidentally does not forget something. You may choose to map this or skip it. You can always print any individual Master KOT form the print history page as in the future section.

Wireless Printer:


When you click on Wireless tab, in windows it will show only Printer Name and IP Address. Simply enter the Printer Name like "Epson" or "Star" and enter the printer ip address. Click on Test Print. This will print a one line saying "Sero Test Print" on the printer. this means that the printer is working properly. Now click on Save Printer. Once the printer is saved, just map the printer with the report. For wifi printer it is not required to install the printer driver on your system locally. It will work with just the IP address.

Bluetooth Printer:


In Android & iOS App you will see another option for Bluetooth Printer. Just start the bluetooth printer and click on Find Printer button to search for nearby bluetooth printer. it will display a list of all the bluetooth devices nearby. Simply choose your printer and click on connect. It will connect your App with the printer. Now click on Test Print button. It will print one line test print on the printer. Click on Save printer. Now you are ready to map this bluetooth printer with the reports.

Today Report:


When you click on Today Report on the Home button, it will show you the DSR Report (Daily Sales Report). Please note that this feature works on online mode only. If the system is offline, you will not be able to see this report as it fetch all the data from the cloud server.

You may choose any date range and click on View button to see the report. When you are ready to clise the shift, you may simply click on this button and click on Print button to print the Z Report for the day with all the details on your receipt printer only.

Open/Close Register:


When you install the app for the very first time, it will ask you for open register when you take the payment for very first order. Then you may choose to close the register daily upon closing the shift, or you may skip this step and continue your business. It is a good practice to open and close the register daily so you know the cash variance if there is any on the daily basis.

Customer Reservation:


If you take any reservations through the admin panel, they will display on this screen on daily basis.

Print History:


Just in case while the printer was printing a KOT or a Bill and power went off, or maybe because of some cable issue the printer did not print, you can click on this screen and Print or Reprint any Bill or KOT. All the items that have been printer, it will show Reprint in front of them. If any item was not printer, it will show Print in front of that. If you have not mapped the master KOT Receipt with any printer, you may print it from here for any table.

Home Delivery:


Once you are ready to take any home delivery order, click on customer and add the items to the cart. Now when you click on "Send" button the system will check if the customer address is there in the system or not. If the address is not there then you can simply get the address from the guest and enter it in the Address Field so that it can be printed on the delivery receipt.

Home Delivery History:


When you click on "History" button, it will show you the Delivery history in the Open or Completed Tab and you may resume the order and add or edit it anytime before dispatch.

Delivery Order Process:


When you click on Prder Process, the home delivery order will move to Food Dispatched window from the Food Processed window. it will display the order amount also on this screen.

Food Delivery Boy:


Now you will click on "Dispatch" button and it will show another window. Here you will click on the delivery boy who is going to deliver this particular order. Then click on Prepaid or Postpaid option. This will send an SMS to the guest that their order has been dispatched by this delivery boy and they can contact him on this number for any issues.

Post Paid Delivery:


If the order is post paid, then it will be transferred to the "Food Delivered" window. Once the delivery boy delivers the order and bring you the cash, you can click on "Delivered" button.

Post Paid Delivery Payment:


As soon as you click on Delivered button, it will open the payment screen. Simply enter the mode of payment, and enter the amount and click on Pay. Now the order will be marked as Paid.

Prepaid Home Delivery:


If the order has been prepaid by credit card, or through some third party food delivery service, simply click on Dispatch button and choose the Prepaid Option this time.It will bring you to payment screen and simply choose the mode of payment and click on Pay button. It will record the payment under that mode. if it the payment was collected by "Food Panda" for example, then at the end of themonth you can check how many orders were delivered through Food Panda and how much payment you have to collect from them.

Split Bill:


Sometimes there are few friends who want to split the bill after eating food, or maybe some customer wants to pay some in cash and some by card. Simply click on Split button on the payment screen. On the left side of the screen you will see two options. You may choose to split the order equally or by percentage. Then enter the number of splits. it will create two invoices for the same bill as Part 1 and Part 2. Now click on Payment button.

Split order Payment:


Once you click on payment button, it will ask for the mode of payment and the amount collected for that part of the invoice. Once you finish this part, it will automatically ask you to pay for the second part. Choose the next mode of payment and enter the amount and click on Pay button. Now the order will be finished.

Split order History:


You will see this order in the History. Once you click on the order number, it will show the order and payment details. You can review here all the order and payment details.

Merge Tables:


Sometimes you will have big groups or parties where multiple tables have been occupied by one group of guests. Their orders will be taken on the individual tables and delivered to those tables only. But while making the payment, you can merge the tables and pay as one bill. Simply click on the first table, when the order is opened, click on pay button. on the payment screen click on merge button. It will open a scree which shows all the open tables. Just click on all the tables you want to merge with the current table. Finally click on Merge button on the bottom left of this screen.

Merge Table Confirmation:


Once the tables have been successfully merged, you will see this message saying that the tables have been merged successfully. This will clear the screen.

Merged Tables Resume:


Once the tables have been merged, you can click on the first table and all the items from all the merged tables will show in the cart. Simply complete the payment process and it will print one bill for all the merged tables.

Once this payment is made, all the merged tables will turn green in the Dine-In screen so they can be assigned to the next guests.

Bill Discount:


Once you are in the payment screen, click on the Discount button. It will show a window asking for Percentage Discount or Flat Discount in Amount. Choose one of the two options, enter the discount and click on Apply Button. This will apply the discount on the bill and you can siply complete the payment process.

Table Swapping:


If a guest is not comfortable on the table assigned, then simply click on the pay button adn from the payment screen, click on Table Swap button. It will show you two table. In Use Tables, choose the table you want to swap from here. Click on Free Table tab, and choose the table you want to move the guest to. Finally click on swap button on the bottom of the screen, the original table will turn green and the new table will turn red. The entire order will be shifted to the new table number.